You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Dentist

You often associate fear of the dentist with children. The anxiety of going to the dentist in Las Vegas also affects adults.

There are many sources for this anxiety. It could have been a bad experience such as being told you have a cavity or need a root canal. Maybe it was a routine procedure that didn’t go as planned. It could have been the smells, and sounds in the office or the bad-tasting teeth cleaner or rinse.

It could also be the long wait or rude staff.

No matter what is behind your fear of the dentist, it is no reason to avoid the dentist all together.

Regular visits to your dentist is vital in maintaining your dental health.

Your teeth and gums are important. Your dentist is there to help you protect them.

Here are some reasons why you should not fear going to the dentist:

1. Improved Technology

Dental technology has come a long way. More use of and reliance on computers and machines make the dentist’s job easier, and makes treatment more comfortable, painless and quick for the patient.

With improved dental technologies, dentists can more accurately assess a patient’s dental health in less time, with less additional equipment and procedures and in less time.

The dental technology aims at improving the patient experience in providing quick, painless, less invasive service.

Increased technology also leads to more effective and correct treatment for each patient.

2. Increased Patient Comfort

More and more dentists offer sedation dentistry to patients who are extremely nervous about going to the dentist. More sedation options allow the dentist to administer the right level to patients.

Sedation doesn’t mean that the patient is unconscious. Sedation can range from laughing gas that relaxes the patient to injections that relax the patient and numb the area where the dental work is done.

If you’re uptight and dread experiencing pain or discomfort, sedation dentistry can relax you and give you a more pleasant experience.

A relaxed patient also makes the dentist’s job easier, meaning you’ll have a quicker visit.

3. Improved Patient Relations

The dental field is becoming increasingly competitive. Dentists therefore, rely on positive patient experiences to stay in business.

Most dentist continue their education and knowledge about the advancements in dentistry and the new and improved ways to do procedures that make it more comfortable for the patient.

Dentist offices strive to make the patient experience pleasant the minute they walk in the door. Friendly, personable and professional staff is now a standard.

Reception rooms now have TVs and other electronic options to keep patients occupied and entertained.

More and more dental schools are teaching future dentists the importance of patient relations stressing that there are now more dental options for patients to try than ever.

Fewer dentists are going into narrow dental specialties and are, instead, offering a greater diversification of services to make it more convenient for patients.

The patient has more power.


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