How Do I Create a Website For My Small Business? do think the cat is out of the bag. If you’d like your small business to outlive in the current society, you need a website. No longer just a novelty or luxury, an internet site has become a direct reflection of your business. If yours stinks, then your perception is going to be that your business stinks.

So, you’d like to learn, “how do I create an internet site for my small business?”

If you’re not experienced in affordable website design, you hire someone who is. That’s what I did. You’re great at running your business, so run your small business and let someone whose job it is to generate websites create yours. That said, there’s a handful of elements that I would include to really make it competitive with possible.

First, be sure to provide an engaging headline on the homepage to draw in visitors to the site. How to’s work well, as do questions. Anything that will plunge into the mini trance these are in and get them interested in that which you have to say.

Next, make sure your website is easy to navigate. There’s nothing more annoying than being serious about someone’s website, but having to search low and high for the information you want to read. Make everything readily available, and don’t clump big blocks of copy together. Aim for a great deal of white space to really succeed around the eyes.

A number of specific pages that we find work for small business marketing are an “About Us,” a “Contact Us,” a “FAQ,” “Services” or “Products” depending which you have, and “Testimonials.”

There are several others that you can add as you go along; nevertheless these basic pages will get you started. Once you’re comfortable, be sure to add an email opt-in box to prevent in touch with your customers.

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